Perfect Brows by Zen

On this course you will learn how to create the perfect eyebrow treatment, learning how to tint, shape using waxing, threading, tweezering how to create the 3D Brow effect using mineral make up and also how to apply Eyebrow Extensions

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Perfect Brows by Practitioner Diploma One-Day Course

Cost: -   £215.00 

Course Accreditation Bodies:   This course is insurable and accredited by the Professional bodies: ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists) (26 cpd points)

Certifications/Qualifications Attained:  Zen Tranquility Holistic Beauty Training accredited/recognised diploma - Insurable allowing you to gain insurance and use therapy with the general public and charge

Pre-Requisite:    None - suitable for beginners

Course Dates:    Please email for course dates or contact us here


Venues - this course is available at the following venues:-

Derbyshire, Essex/Suffolk, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, London, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Scotland, Staffordshire, Wales, Worcestershire



The Perfect Brows Treatment by Zen is a treatment creating the perfect Eyebrow by using Tinting, Waxing, Tweezing & Threading, Fresh mineral make-up and eyebrow Pencil, and applying Eyebrow Extensions to create a fabulous defined eyebrow shape.  This amazing treatment lifts the eye and fames the face.  It is excellent as it transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your clients facial features, you can also camouflage any scars on the eyebrow using this treatment.
Gone are the days of a quick tint and tidy with your client in the door and out in 15 minutes or less, clients now want an eyebrow TREATMENT, they want to create a beautiful eyebrow that suits them, frames the face and makes them look 10 years younger and, they are willing to pay for it!  This treatment takes between 45 minutes to one hour and you can charge from £30.00 with clients returning every 4 weeks, it is suitable for men and women.  This is a fabulous treatment to add to an eyelash extension appointment, your client will be amazed at the fantastic results achieved with very little outlay.


  • Great for people with 'trouble' brows.  It's sworn by people who say they can never get their eyebrows even, despite tweezing, waxing or sugaring.
  • Great for people with scars on their eyebrows
  • Great for people with over plucked or very little brow hairs
  • Gives people the illusion of thicker fuller brows

  Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • How to choose the right brow shape
  • The 5 basic Shapes
  • How to Shape, colour and re-design
  • Tools of the trade
  • Waxing, Tweezing, Threading & Trimming
  • How to apply Eyebrow Extensions
  • How to apply mineral make up and eyebrow pencil
  • Overcoming brow problems - coarse hair, over plucked brows
  • Putting the finishing touches to create a beautiful brow
  • Aftercare, keeping your clients brows perfect in-between treatments
  • Case studies

NB: A patch test MUST be carried out 48 hours prior to this course. This can be done either at the training venue if you live nearby or by purchasing your own kit. If you are the only student on the course you must carry out the patch test on your model.



Duration: 1 Day Practical in the Classroom (if training with other students) or Half Day Practical in the Classroom (if intense 1-2-1 training on models)

Home study: 2 day guided learning hours required to be completed before the training day (emailed to you). This allows for an intensive one day practical study of the routine

Everything you need to learn this treatment is included in this course. Beauty products will be required after the course for this treatment (details in your manual)

Case Studies: Three case studies are required to be completed after the course (although please note if the tutor feels that you have not reached a competent standard after completing your practical training and case studies then further case studies will be set and a reassessment will be arranged. There is an additional charge for this being £40.00).

Entry Requirement: None, although we do recommend studying Anatomy & Physiology alongside this course

Awarding Body: ABT

Cost: £215.00 includes training manual, training materials, assessment and certification

  • £55.00 deposit required; balance to be paid direct to tutor 14 days prior to course date

Please read Terms and Conditions before booking or paying for this course 

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