The Balance Procedure Level 2 Workshop

On this course you will learn about Universal energies of numerlogy, zodiac, planetary influences, crystals, colour, Reiki, the elements and sacred geometry, with the postitivity of affirmations


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The Balance Procedure Level 2 Practitioner Diploma One-Day Course

Cost: -   £110.00 (UK) or £130.00 (SPAIN)

Course Accreditation Bodies:   This course is insurable and accredited by the Professional bodies: FHT, IICT & CThA

Certifications/Qualifications Attained:  This course is through another training provier - Insurable allowing you to gain insurance and use therapy with the general public and charge.  (We are only the booking agent for this course).

Pre-Requisite:    You must have attended and Passed the Level 1 course

Course Dates:    Please email for course dates or contact us here


Venues - this course is available at the following venues:-

Camrbidgeshire, Essex, Spain



The Balance Procedure is in it's 9th year in England and it's effects are undeniable. It inspires you to reconnect with your passion and put the fun back into your life as it gives you  an easy to use tool which strengthens your connection with the law of attraction.  The Balance Procedure reminds you who you are and brings into your awareness who you are right now ... and who you would rather be ... and empowers you to create it.



· Take The Balance Procedure to the next level for yourself or as a Practitioner

· After completing 4 case studies, you will be Insurable as Balance Procedure Energy Practitioner

· Empower yourself and others with TBP

· Tap into your subconscious & heighten intuition

· Deepen your awareness and knowledge of TBP

· Use the law of attraction to create the life you want

· Panic, anxiety and worry become things of the past as you learn how to manage your mind and what it creates!

· Attract Even More Fun & Create Your Life

· Bring Clarity and direction to your mind

· Boost confidence

· Take yourself out of “fight or flight” mode and into a peaceful and harmonious state

· Coach others how to do this for themselves

· Remove fear!

· Change Limiting belief patterns

· Learn how to do a consultation for your clients
FYI, although it is entirely up to you how much you charge for your Balance consultations, you may be interested to know that the average rate is £90-£100 in the UK.

Should you decide to become a Trainer in The Balance Procedure, then the level 1 workshop and this level 2 course are pre-requisites for the Train The Trainer Training.

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