These courses are designed to help you study and qualify for a new career in Holistic Therapies or complete your CPD training if you are already an existing therapist.

You will receive the course data by email within 2 working days of receipt of your application and payment of course.  Each module will be emailed to you separately together with questionnaire. Once you send back your completed module questionnaire via e-mail the completed Homework will be checked (for self study) or checked and marked and percentage pass rate sent to you (for tutored).

With these distance learning courses, you study at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. There are no time limits to our courses and you, the student, are in full control of your own study schedule.

We feel this flexible approach enables our students to produce their best work, free from the constraints of working to deadlines

These courses are available in the UK and Internationally, as they are provided by email correspondence, therefore ideal for those living abroad and international students.

  • Work at your own pace, no time limit set
  • Work on one module at a time - receive one module, answer revision questions and next module will then be sent to you  (please allow 4 to 6 working days for your questionnaire to be marked)
  • Receive on-going support and feedback from your tutor
  • Complete 20 Case Studies to practice your skills and aid your development.
  • You can also attend optional practical workshops
  • Accredited Diplomas
  • Eligible to work as a professional therapist once you complete your course
  • Easy to understand course material
  • Courses completed by email
  • Lessons emailed (PDF files)
  • One question paper per lesson plus a course final exam
  • Enrol online with Paypal or using your Credit or Debit card



Question - Do I receive a professional qualification after completing a distance learning course?

Answer: Qualifications: On successful completion of any of our courses, students will receive a ‘Practitioner/Therapist level Qualification’.

Question - Are the distance learning courses accredited? and if so who are they accredited with?

Answer: Our Accreditation: Today’s clients expect Therapists to be professional. When they visit you, they want to be advised and treated by a fully trained and qualified therapist.   Our courses are accredited with The CMA (Complementary Medical Assocation) and are accepted for CPD by most professional therapy associations. Please check with your association and insurance prior to booking.

Question - What is the difference between Tutored or Self Study options?


Tutored Course: You are assigned a Personal Online Tutor. You will be given your Tutors name when your answer paper, at the end of lesson one, is marked and returned to you. You will receive a percentage mark for each answer paper you submit, along with any helpful and relevant comments. Your Personal Tutor is there to assist you should you run into difficulties and will answer any study related questions. Simply email your question with your answer paper.

Self Study Course: You submit your work to the Self Study Tutor. Your work is assessed but you are not given a percentage mark. If you are making serious errors you will be asked to repeat the questionnaire, but apart from that, feedback is minimal. If you need ‘occasional assistance’ the Self Study tutor will be available to help you by email. However students who are continually asking questions will be recommended to upgrade to Tutored. Your work is not returned to you with this method.

Our response time for tutored or self study coursework is 4 – 6 working days excluding weekends and public holidays.

Self Study courses - we recommend to students who are familiar with studying, and require the minimum amount of feedback with their coursework. In our experience, Self Study students usually have a broad background knowledge of the subject they are studying. They are also familiar with studying methods in general.

Tutored courses - we recommend for students who like or need additional feedback and support thorughout their studies.



Anatomy and Physiology Home Study Course


Amethyst Crystal Balancing Facial Home Study Course

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists Home Study Course

Aromatherapy Facial Home Study Course

Chinese Hand Reflexology Home Study Course

Colour Therapy Home Study Coursre

Crystal & Gemstone Healing Home Study Course

Ear Reflexology Home Study Course

Eastern Natural Rejuvenation Facelift Home StudyCourse

Holistic Facial Home StudyCourse

Hopi Ear Candling Home Study Course

Hot Stone Massage Home Study Course

Hot/Cold Stone & Salt Stone Facial Home Study Course

Oriental Warm Bamboo & Rosewood Facial Home Study Course

Polynesian Warm Coconut & Seashell Facial Home Study Course

Rose Quartz Facial Home Study Course

Seashell Healing Home Study Course

Thai Herbal Compress & Acupressure Facial Home Study Course

Tibetan Acu Sound Crystal Facial Home Study Course

Tibetan Acu Sound Therapy Home Study Course

Zen Tranquility Holistic Beauty Training Studio specialising in accredited Practitioner Diploma Courses in Massage Therapy, Holistic Therapy and Beauty Therapy Courses

Available across the UK

Distance Learning Courses also available