Balinese Massage Eastern Cupping Massage
Price £180.00 Price £160.00


Egyptian Honey Massage Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Price £180.00 - NEW
Price £180.00


Himalayan Hot Rock, Salt Stone & Crystal Gemstone Massage  Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
Price £180.00 Price £180.00


Indian Head Massage Indonesian Mande Lular Massage
Price £170.00 Price £180.00


Malay Navel Candling & Abdomen Detox Massage Malaysian Massage with Sticks
Price £180.00 Price £180.00


Oriental Warm Bamboo Massage Polynesian Warm Coconut & Seashell Massage
Price £180.00 Price £180.00


Russian Clinical, Honey & Cupping Massage Thai Aroma Massage
Price £180.00 Price £180.00


Thai Lak Pra Ko Herbal Compress Massage Thai Table Massage
Price £190.00 Price £180.00 


Thai Yoga Massage
Tibetan (Ku Nye) Stick, Stone, Shell, Sound and Compress Massage
Price £180.00 - COMING 2019 Price £180.00 - COMING 2019


Tropical Thermal Shell Massage Zen Rose Quartz Hot & Cold Massage
Price £180.00 - COMING 2019 Price £180.00


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