The Way We Work/Booking a Course


All our courses are set-up to work in a similar fashion

  1. You read all the relevant course information on the course webpage (PLEASE NOTE: all information is given on this page apart from course dates - so there is no need to raise a general enquiry as all information is on the page so please read it carefully) for the course that you are interested in
  2. Complete the online Course Date Request Form
  3. Course dates for the nearest venues to you will then be sent out to you
  4. Pick a date that is convenient to you
  5. Read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the Website
  6. Check that YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY will cover you for the course that you wish to attend (most will but some insurance companies will only cover the course if the course is accredited with them)
  7. Complete the online Course Booking Form
  8. We then invoice you the booking fee payment (please note this is non refundable) and once paid, the date is confirmed (you will also have to supply a copy of any qualifications that are Pre-Requisite to the course)
  9. You then receive a home study manual and questionnaire which needs to be completed after reading the manual and returned to Head Office at least four days prior to the start of your course
  10. The final amount of the course is paid direct to the tutor 14 days prior to the start date of the course
  11. 95% of the training day(s) dedicated to practical training
  12. After the training course, you will need to complete and submit case studies
  13. Once your case studies have been approved, you will then receive your certificate

Certificate based on achievement and not JUST attendance



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