Courses Coming in 2019 

Beauty Courses Coming in 2019

Airbrush Make Up

Derma Needling/Rolling

Derma Planning

Female Intimate Sugaring

Henna Brow - Now Available (New for 2019)

Microblading/Brow Embroidery - Now Available (New for 2019)

Nail Art


Holistic/Massage Courses Coming in 2019

Chinese Facial/Gua Sha Massage

EFT Therapy

Meditation Instructor

No Hands Reflexology

Napalese Oils & Marma Point Massage


Thai Tok Sen Massage

Tibetan (Ku Nye) Stick, Stone and Shell Massage

Tropical Shell Massage

Zen Tranquility Holistic Beauty Training Studio specialising in accredited Practitioner Diploma Courses in Massage Therapy, Holistic Therapy and Beauty Therapy Courses

Available across the UK

Distance Learning Courses also available